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LGBTQ+ Straight Allies & Why They Are Important

Straight Allies And Some Reasons Why To Love Them!

Straight Ally

The Straight Ally Flag

Meaning Of The Straight Ally Flag

This flag celebrates all hetero and cisgender people who are allies of the LGBTQ+ community. The black and white stripes represents heterosexual and cisgender people while the rainbow A stands for "Ally" or "Activist"


Who Is This Flag Commonly Used By?

This flag is commonly used by parents, friends, and medical care staff to show support of their close family, friends, and patients and to spread awareness that the LGBTQ+ community can be safe around them.

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3 Reasons To Love Our LGBTQ+ Straight Allies

Firstly, having a way to visually recognise our allies expands the amount of safe spaces in the world. It is particularly useful for medical professionals facing patients! For example, if a nurse or doctor were to wear this pin, LGBTQ+ patients will recognize that they are allies and be more willing to provide truthful information about their sexuality so that the medical professional can diagnose them accurately!

 Secondly, you know that feeling when you meet other lgbtq ppl and just feel safe? That’s the feeling that ally’s give us too, a safe environment where we won’t be discriminated against, and if discrimination happens, they will be there to support us. Allies are like a bridge between LGBTQ+ people and Cishet people, they are able to help communicate our differences!

 Last but not least, think about it this way, having someone on the other side of the court sway a game in your favor makes a huge impact on the outcome! Having allies convince their cishet friends that LGBTQ+ people are... well just people, is going to be more convincing than us trying to explain ourselves.

We believe allies are truly precious and valuable supporters of our mission to create a safer and more inclusive future.


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