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Collection: Pride Mystery Packs - Limited Qty Available

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Are you feeling lucky? Get your pride mystery packs now for 50% off its retail value! Limited quantities available.

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Pride Surprise Mystery Boxes - 50% Off Total Value!

Explore an exciting collection of hand-picked items in our Mystery Pack. With a total value exceeding CAD 70, you won't find this 50% off value elsewhere in our store.

You have the choice between two distinct bundle configurations, with the only overlapping items being our exclusive sticker sheets. This ensures each bundle provides a unique experience. Each bundle contains a variety of our Proud Zebra pride merchandise, which aligns with the Pride flag you select. With a dozen Pride flag options, you can boldly represent the flag that speaks volumes about your identity.

Our sticker sheets are exclusively available within our Mystery Pack. They're perfect for adding a personal touch to your everyday items, spreading positivity, and showing off your pride in style.

Revealing the contents of our Mystery Pack is all part of the fun, injecting a dash of mystery into your purchase - plus, there's the incredible savings! Place your order now, and let us surprise you with these specially curated boxes. Limited quantities available!