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Trixic/Toric - Enbies with Specific Gender Attractions!

Definition And Meaning Of Trixic And Toric

Trixic/Toric flag
The Beautiful Trixic Flag!

What does it mean to be Trixic or Toric?

Both terms Trixic and Toric are used to describe sexual attraction for non-binary individuals. Those who best identify with either of these two identities will be from the non-binary gender spectrum.

What Is The Definition Of Trixic?

Trixic is a term used by nonbinary people who are attracted to women, whether exclusively or not. Simply put, it can also be used as a term to describe relationships between nonbinary people and women.


Meaning Behind the Trixic Flag Colors

Purple represents being non-binary.
Yellow & Pink represents attraction to women.

This beautiful colour combination makes for an awesome and very meaningful flag!


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What About Toric You Ask? We Got You Covered!

Toric Flag
The Stunning LGBTQ+ Toric Flag!


What Is The Definition Of Toric?

Similar to Trixic, Toric is a term used by nonbinary people. A non-binary individual may identify as Toric when they are attracted to men, whether exclusively or not.

Meaning Behind the Toric Flag Colors

Purple represents being non-binary.
 Teal & Green & Blue represents attraction to men or masculine aligned folks.
The color combination makes this LGBTQ+ pride flag extremely attractive and loved by many!


Common Abbreviations Used

Trixic and Toric are often abbreviated as NBLW or NBLM.

Trixic = NBLW (Nonbinary loving Women)

Toric = NBLM (Nonbinary loving Men)



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