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Understanding Intersex: Its Pride Flag and Meaning

Understanding Intersex: Its Pride Flag and MeaningIntersex flag

What does it mean to be Intersex?

Intersex is an umbrella term describing bodies that do not fall within the strict male or female sex characteristics. It includes variations in chromosomes, sex hormones, or genitals. 

Intersex Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Intersex Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

Being Intersex is a natural occurring variation in humans and should not be treated as a medical problem. It is far more common than most people realize. Approximately 1-2% of the human population are intersex. 

Intersex Pride - Proud Cube PinIntersex Pride - Proud Cube Pin

There are more than one ways for someone to be considered intersex. Some ways include having genitals or internal sex organs that are outside of male/female categories such as having both ovarian and testicular tissue, having chromosomes that are different from XY(male) or XX(female), or having male/female external genitals, but having internal organs or hormones that aren't typically from the same gender.

Intersex Pride - Flag Cube PinIntersex Pride - Flag Cube Pin

Meaning Behind the Intersex Flag
Purple & Yellow are used as they are considered "hermaphrodite" colors.
The purple circle symbolizes wholeness and completeness.


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