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Pansexual vs Omnisexual - What is the Difference?

Pansexual vs Omnisexual

Pansexual / Omnisexual flags

What does it mean to be Pansexual?

Pansexuality is defined as having romantic/sexual attraction regardless of gender identity, or sex. Someone who is pansexual does not have preferences when it comes to their partner's gender or sexual identity.

Pansexual Pride - Proud Cube PinPansexual Pride - Proud Cube Pin

A harmful myth that comes with pansexuality is that it is a subset of bisexuality. It is absolutely untrue. Bisexuality refers to someone who is attracted to 2 or more genders, whereas pansexuality refers to someone who does not have any gender preferences when it comes to romantic/sexual attraction.

Pansexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Pansexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

For instance, a bisexual person may have a stronger connection towards a specific gender whereas a pansexual person would not have differences in their attraction towards all genders.

Pansexual Pride - Flag Cube PinPansexual Pride - Flag Cube Pin

Pansexual people often refer to themselves as gender-blind to assert that gender and sex are not determining factors in their romantic or sexual attraction to others.

Meaning Behind the Pansexual Flag Colors

Pink represents attraction to women.
Yellow represents attraction to non-binary people.
Blue represents attraction to men.

Pansexual Flag
What does it mean to be Omnisexual?
Omnisexual is similar to Pansexual in that both sexual orientations are attracted to all genders. The difference is that pansexuals often refer to themselves as gender-blind, whereas omnisexuals may have preferences for certain genders more than others

Omnisexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Omnisexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]


Meaning Behind the Omnisexual Flag Colors

Dark Pink & Light Pink represents the variations of femininity and attraction to females.
Dark Blue & Light Blue represents the variation of masculinity and attraction to males.
Black represents attraction to gender identities outside the binaries of male and female.


Omnisexual Pride - Flag Cube PinOmnisexual Pride - Flag Cube Pin


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