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Abrosexual - A Fluid Sexual Orientation!


Abrosexual Flag

What does it mean to be Abrosexual?

People who identify as abrosexual are considered to have a fluid sexual orientation, and fluid levels of sexual attraction.


Abrosexual Pride - Proud Cube Pin
Abrosexual Pride - Proud Cube Pin


Someone who is abrosexual may identify as pansexual one moment, and asexual or heterosexual at other times. It is not limited to any specific group of sexual orientation.


Abrosexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]
Abrosexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]


Abrosexual is a fluid sexuality, it is often referred to as the sexuality equivalent of being genderfluid.


Abrosexual Pride - Flag Cube Pin
Abrosexual Pride - Flag Cube Pin


The meaning behind the colors of the Abrosexual Pride Flag are undetermined. The Abrosexual Pride Flag was born out of a request from a tumbler user requesting the specific colors to be used. As the colors chosen are similar colors to a watermelon, some believe it is chosen based on that reason that watermelons are 92% water - hence representative of being "fluid".

Abrosexual Cube Pins


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