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Understanding Bigender: Its Pride Flag and Meaning

Understanding Bigender: Its Pride Flag and MeaningBigender flag

The Bigender Pride Flag

What does it mean to be Bigender?

Someone who identifies as Bigender would typically, but not limited to, have both male and female gender identities. It is possible for bigender people to have two non-binary identities such as agender and neutrois. A bigender person would be considered to have two gender identities either simultaneously, or fluctuate between them.
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Difference Between Bigender & Genderfluid

The difference between bigender and genderfluid is that bigender people only have two gender identities whereas those who identify as genderfluid may cycle through many more than 2 gender identities.
Bigender is recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a gender identity that is a subset of the transgender group.
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Meaning Behind the Flag Colors.

PinkLight pink represents the range of more feminine genders.
Blue & Light blue represents the range of more masculine genders.
Purple represents a genders that are a mix of masculine and feminine.
White represents the people who identify as having a gender.

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