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Demisexual / Demiromantic - Lets Get To Know Each Other A Little Better First!

Demisexual & Demiromantic

Demisexual / Demiromantic flag

What does it mean to be Demisexual?
Demisexual is a term used to describe individuals who only experience sexual attraction to another person if they have formed a strong emotional connection with them.

Demisexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set] Demisexual Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

The terms demisexual isn't exclusively used by LGBTQ+ people, but also by hetero people. They are not about the "who", but rather the "how" when it comes to love.

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A person can identify as both demisexual and bisexual, or demisexual and pansexual.

 Demisexual Proud Pin

Meaning Behind the Demisexual Flag Colors

Black represents asexuality.

Grey represents the grey-asexuality (area between sexual and asexual), and demisexuality.

White represents sexuality.

Purple represents community.


Demisexual Flag

What does it mean to be Demiromantic?
A Demiromantic person only develops romantic feels for another person when they have formed a strong emotional connection together. Demiromantic people are not limited to any gender identity or sexual orientation.

Demiromantic Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Demiromantic Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

The real difference with experiencing romance for demiromantic people is the complete absence of it until they are deeply connected to a partner.
Note that Aromantic is not the same as being Demiromantic. Being aromantic means you do not experience romantic attraction at all, whereas demiromantics experience romantic attractions only under certain conditions.

Demiromantic Pride - Proud Cube PinDemiromantic Pride - Proud Cube Pin

Essentially, the demi- terms does not determine WHO you are attracted to, instead it clarifies HOW you will be sexually attracted to someone.

Meaning Behind the Demiromantic Flag Colors

Green represents aromantic as it is the opposite color of red (which represents romance).

White represents platonic love and relationships.

Grey & Black represents the aromantic spectrum, and aromantics regardless of sexual orientations.

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