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The Lesbian Pride Flag, Its meaning, and Significance

Today's Most Inclusive Definition & Meaning Of Lesbian

2018 5 stripe lesbian flag

The Inclusive Community Lesbian Flag

The Traditional Definition Of Lesbian vs The Evolved Meaning Commonly Used Today

The traditional definition of the sexual orientation term Lesbian is "woman who attracted to only women". But with the evolving definition of term, it is also possible to identify as a non-binary lesbian.

The more inclusive and evolved definition of Lesbian is "a woman or woman-leaning non-binary person who is attracted to only women and women-leaning non-binary people."


Lesbian Pride - Flag Cube Pin


The History Of The Lesbian Flag

There have been many different versions of lesbian flags, but the most widespread one today is the 5-stripe variant of the 2018 7-stripe.

The Lipstick lesbian flag was the previous version of lesbian flag most widely adopted before the 2018 7-strip version. But it was soon discovered that the creator was racist, and the design was stolen from the 2008 Original Cougar Pride Flag.

The 5 stripe version of the Lesbian Flag is a simplified version of the 7-stripe version.

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Meaning Behind The 7-Stripe Lesbian Flag

Dark orange/red represents Gender non-conformity.
Orange represents independence.
Light orange represents community.
White represents unique relationships in womanhood.
Pink represents serenity and peace.
Dusty pinks represents love and sex.
Dark pink represents femininity.

The simplified 5-stripe version would encompass the meaning of independence and community in the single orange band. Love, sex, and peace would be represented by the lighter pink band.


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