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What is the Genderfluid pride flag and what does it mean?


Genderfluid flag

What does it mean to be Genderfluid?
Someone may identify as being genderfluid when their gender identity or gender expression, or both changes over time. People who identify as genderfluid may also identify as non-binary, but the two terms are not to be confused.

Genderfluid Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Genderfluid Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

Non-Binary is an umbrella term for those who have non-conforming genders. Genderfluid falls under the non-binary term because it is not a binary gender identity.

Genderfluid people tend to be more comfortable using gender neutral pronouns, with that said, it is still always best to ask for someone's preferred pronouns! 

Genderfluid Pride - Proud Cube PinGenderfluid Pride - Proud Cube Pin

Here are some definitions for better understanding:
1) Cisgender - Someone whose gender identity matches the designated sex at birth.
2) Gender Identity - The gender that an individual identifies as. Someone's gender identity is a deeps sense of ones own gender, regardless of their designated sex at birth.
3) Gender Expression - The way an individual expresses their gender identity through appearance, dress, fashion, or behavior.


Meaning Behind the Genderfluid Flag Colors

Pink represents femininity.
Blue represents masculinity.
Purple represents both femininity and masculinity.
White represents a lack of gender.
Black represents all gender.

Genderfluid Pride - Flag Cube PinGenderfluid Pride - Flag Cube Pin


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