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What Does It Mean To Be Demigirl or Demiboy?

Learning The Definition & Meaning Of Being Demigirl Or Demiboy

Demigirl flag

LGBTQ+ Demigirl Pride Flag

What does it mean to identify as Demigirl or Demiboy?

When one identifies as Demigirl, they partially identify as a woman, or girl. It is a gender identity term that can be used regardless of one's assigned gender. More people who may have previously identified as non-binary have started to identify as Demigenders recently due to the increase in awareness of these definitions. 

An AFAB (assigned male at bird) individual who does not feel wholly female, but does not feel disconnected enough to experience gender dysphoria may identify as a Demigirl. An AMAB individual who may identify as trans-feminine but not entirely female may also identify as a Demigirl.
Demiboy flag
LGBTQ+ Demiboy Pride Flag

About Demiboy LGBTQ+ Identity

Similarly for the term Demiboy, it is used for those who partially identify as a man, or boy regardless of their gender assigned at birth. It is important to note that no matter the person's assigned gender at birth, they may identify as a Demigender individual and should not be questioned about it because it may sensitive! 


Meaning Behind the Demiboy / Demigirl Flag Colors

Greys represent a partial connection.
Blue represents manhood/ Pink represents womanhood.
White represents agender or non-binary.


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