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What is Non-Binary or Genderqueer?

Non-Binary flag

What does it mean to be Non-Binary or Genderqueer?

Non-Binary or enby, and Genderqueer both describe the spectrum of gender identities that are not of a specific binary gender (male or female). Both of their meanings share the same definition of being a non-conforming gender. The sub gender identities under these terms include, but are not limited to:
1) Someone who relates to multiple genders (Bigender, Pangender, Androgyny)
2) Someone who relates to neither genders (Neutrois, Agender, Xenogenders)
3) Someone who has a fluid gender that changes over time (Genderfluid, Genderflux)
4) Someone who has only a slight connection to a gender identity (Demiboy/girl, Agenderboy/girl)

It is also possible for transgender people to identify as Non-Binary or Genderqueer.

Non-Binary Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Non-Binary Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

Meaning Behind the Non-Binary Flag Colors

Yellow represent genders outside of the binary.
White represents people with many genders.
Purple represents people with mixed genders.
Black represents those who do not identity as having a gender.


Non-Binary Pride - Flag Cube PinNon-Binary Pride - Flag Cube Pin

Genderqueer flag

Enby and Genderqueer people can use any pronouns they feel most comfortable with. It is important to always respect other's pronouns. Majority of enby people use They/Them pronouns. They also tend to use a combination of they/them with he/him or she/her pronouns, some may also be comfortable with using any pronouns.

Genderqueer Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Genderqueer Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

Non-Binary and Genderqueer are gender identities. It is not to be mixed up with sexual orientations. Someone who identifies as enby or genderqueer can have any sexual orientation.

Meaning Behind the Genderqueer Flag Colors

Lavender as a mix of blue and pink, represents androgynes and androgyny.
White represents the lack of gender.
Green represents identities defined outside of and without reference to the binaries.

Genderqueer Pride - Flag Cube PinGenderqueer Pride - Flag Cube Pin


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the story with the non-binary pride flag?

The non-binary pride flag is all about celebrating the diverse spectrum of identities that fall outside the traditional binary. It's a vibrant mix of yellow, white, purple, and black, each color rocking its own beautiful meaning: Yellow for those who identify outside the binary, white for nonbinary people with multiple genders, purple for those with a mix of male and female genders, and black for agender individuals. It's a badge of honor and a celebration of diversity, acceptance, and of course, pride!

Q: What's the difference between the non-binary and transgender flags?

Ah, a keen observation! So, the non-binary flag and the transgender flag are actually two separate flags. They each honor distinct identities within the LGBTQ+ community. The non-binary flag, as we just discussed, is a colorful mix of yellow, white, purple, and black, representing various non-binary identities. On the other hand, the transgender flag sports baby blue, baby pink, and white stripes. This flag is all about celebrating and recognizing the courage and beauty of our transgender friends. Both flags hold unique and important meanings!

Q: And what about the non-binary and bisexual flag vs the non-binary and pansexual flag?

That's a great question! Much like our previous answer, these are two different flags representing unique intersections of identities. The non-binary and bisexual flag celebrates individuals who rock both a non-binary and bisexual identity. On the flip side, the non-binary and pansexual flag is a shout-out to those who identify as non-binary and are attracted to individuals of all gender identities. Both flags are vibrant, meaningful, and a fabulous way to express pride and identity!

Q: Heard anything about a non-binary Power Ranger?

Yes, you heard right! The Power Rangers comic book series from Boom! Studios introduced us to The Omega Ranger, a dynamic character with a big secret. The introduction of this nonbinary ranger is a massive win for LGBTQ+ representation. So, next time you're checking out the Morphin Grid, look out for The Omega Ranger - they're shaking things up in all the right ways!

Q: Are there subtle ways to show non-binary pride?

Absolutely! While there isn't an official subtle non-binary flag, we do have a range of merchandise designed with the non-binary colors in subtle, stylish ways. From drawstring bags to lanyards, pride pins to twilly scarves, shoelaces to lace locks, and even bag charms, there's a little something for everyone. So, whether you're a fan of the bold or the understated, we've got you covered!

Q: What's the difference between non-binary and omnisexual flag and non-binary and bisexual flag?

Great question! The non-binary and omnisexual flag represents those queer folks who identify as both non-binary and omnisexual. Omnisexual individuals are attracted to all genders and orientations, but with a bit of a preference for one. On the other hand, the non-binary and bisexual flag is all about celebrating those who identify as non-binary and are attracted to both men and women. Both flags are vibrant expressions of identity and love!

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