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Androgynous Pride Flag and Its Meaning


Androgynyous flag

What does it mean to be Androgynous?
Androgyny is commonly used to describe visual appearance, bodily characteristics and fashion of an individual exhibiting a mix of both male and female characteristics, intentionally avoiding strong specific gender preferences.

Androgyny Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]Androgyny Pride - 1st Edition Pins [Set]

People who identify as non-binary tend to desire this look to avoid displaying strong signals towards a specific gender.

Though favored by non-binary people, individuals of any gender identity or sexual orientation can be androgynous. Some people also feel that their gender identity is androgynous and that is valid too!

 Androgyny Pride - Flag Cube Pin

Meaning Behind the Androgyny Flag Colors
Pink represents female characteristics.
Blue represents male characteristics.
Purple represents a mix of both female and male characteristics.

Androgyny Pride - Flag Cube PinAndrogyny Pride - Flag Cube Pin


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