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Understanding Demiromantic Attraction

Demiromantic Attraction

 Demiromantic is a type of sexuality has become more visible in the last few years, as more information about demiromanticism has become more publicly available. But what is demiromantic attraction? How can it impact how someone dates or gets into relationships? Let’s take a closer look at the basic tenants of demiromantic attraction in order to improve your understanding of it.


What is Demiromantic attraction?


First things first. What is demiromantic attraction? In short, demiromantic attraction refers to romantic attraction that only occurs when someone feels intimately close with another person. Someone who is demiromantic will only feel romantic attraction if they are already close with someone else.


For instance, they won’t feel any romantic attraction for someone they meet on a blind date; but they could feel romantic attraction to a friend they feel close with and have known for a long time.


How does Demiromanticism impact dating?


The primary way that demiromanticism impacts dating is that someone who is demiromantic will only be interested in dating someone that they already know, and that they consider close. This means that popular types of dating like blind dates or dating apps aren’t going to be something a demiromantic person wants to use.


How does Demiromanticism impact someone’s relationship?


Demiromanticism won’t necessarily have a significant impact on how someone interacts with their romantic partner, because demiromanticism only refers to the “criteria” for feeling romantically attracted in the first place. It does not mean that the person doesn’t want to engage in intimate relations or that they will behave differently once they are in a relationship. The relationship preferences of someone who is demiromantic are irrespective of demiromanticism, and will be based on their personality or any other gender identity or sexuality spectrums they inhabit.


Is Demiromantic the same thing as Demisexual?


No. Demiromantic is not the same thing as demisexual.


Someone who is demiromantic only feels romantic attraction towards someone they are already close with; it does not impact their ability to feel sexually attracted to others. Someone who is demiromantic may feel sexually attracted to strangers or people they don’t know well. They may also choose to engage in sexual acts with people, even though they aren’t close.



Someone who is demisexual only feels sexual attraction towards someone they are already close with; it does not impact their ability to feel romantically attracted to others. Someone who is demisexual may feel romantically attracted to strangers or people they don’t know well, so they may choose to enter into a relationship with someone they don’t know, but they won’t feel sexually attracted unless they become close.

 In short: Demiromanticism impacts how someone feels romantic attraction, whereas demisexuality impacts how someone feels sexual attraction.

 Final Thoughts

 Sexuality and gender identity is a complex issue with many fluid components. Remember, there is no “one size fits all” identity, and someone who identifies as demiromantic may not perfectly fit within the defined guidelines. However, understanding the basics about demiromanticism can help you learn more about someone who identifies as demiromantic--or learn more about yourself, if you believe you may be demiromantic.


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