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Support us! We are a queer-owned business that cares about our community.

There are many reasons carry Proud Zebra products in your retail and online store! We are a queer-owned seller, so you can be confident that your purchase supports the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. We provide great customer service - we're always happy to help you find the perfect product for your store. Our wholesale prices are amazing and we have a highly inclusive catalogue with a variety of merch to suit everyone. Our site has tons of great reviews from happy customers. Lastly, we have a great personality! We're passionate about Pride and we love helping our customers find the perfect merch to express their unique identities. So if you're looking for the best pride merchandise on the market, scroll down to contact us at! We are excited for the opportunity to chat with you!

We have a highly inclusive collection of products catering to over 31 (and growing) pride flag identities!

Thank you for considering our gay pride shop for your wholesale needs! We have a highly inclusive collection of products catering to over 31 pride flag identities:

abrosexual flag, agender boy flag, agender girl flag, agender flag, ally flag, androgyny flag, aromantic flag, asexual flag, bear flag, bigender flag, bisexual flag, demiboy flag, demigirl flag, demiromantic flag, demisexual flag, non-binary flag, gay mlm flag, genderfluid flag, inclusive pride flag, intersex flag, lesbian flag, neutrois flag, omnisexual flag, pansexual flag, polyamory flag, polysexual flag, rainbow flag, toric flag, trixic flag, trans flag

We believe that everyone should be able to show their pride in a way that is true to them. We love our customers and we're excited to get to know you better too! Our mission is to provide you with the best and most inclusive gay pride products in the world. We're passionate about what we do and we're committed to providing you with the best possible B2B experience as your preferred pride merchandise supplier! We are very excited to soon be launching drawstring bags, shoelaces, lacelocks, bag charms, & twilly scarves to our customers! We are open to selling it wholesale to you first so reach out to us @ if you are interested to be the first to check them out!

We donate a portion of profits to LGBTQ+ charities!

Proud Zebra is a company that believes in giving back. We donate a portion of all our profits to charities, and we also have a charity pins collection where 100% of the profits are donated to specific causes. To read more, visit our donations page, or our charity pins page!

6 charity pins by proud zebra on a jean material background labelled "AWARENESS PINS"

We will be a great B2B supplier for you!

Customers love us! Check our customer reviews page!

At Proud Zebra, we take pride in providing high-quality gay pride pins to the LGBTQ+ community. We are constantly striving to get to know our customers better and sell the best gay pride pins possible. Our amazing reviews are a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we are proud to be able to contribute to our community. Whether you're looking for a simple pride ribbon pin or something more flashy, we have what you're looking for. So contact us and get to know us! 

Low wholesale prices & best discounts for you!

We offer low wholesale prices and great discounts on the products your customers will love! You can search for an item on our website & let us know as a seller, what is the profit margin you are looking for too! We are always happy to receive your feedback. We can discuss prices and shipping costs to bring you the best deals. We promise to do our best by designing great colorful packaging at decent prices to grab your customer's attention in store! This helps make it easy for your customers to decide on their purchases and checkout at your stores with ease. Use the search feature on our website to easily find the products you and your customers will love and contact us to discuss more! Just a tip: our inclusive progress pride flag products are the absolute hottest selling items on our store!

If you are in Canada or U.S.A, your stock will reach you faster!

As anyone who has ever shopped online knows, one of the most important factors in choosing a retailer is shipping speed. After all, there's nothing worse than finding the perfect item only to discover that it will take weeks or even months to arrive. That's why we're proud to offer fast shipping to our customers in Canada and the United States. We're located in Vancouver, so if you are a customer in North America you can receive your wholesale orders quickly. We ship B2B orders out as soon as they come in, so you can get your restock fast. Shop with us today and we will be sure to prioritize your account so you save time and resources that you can allocate to other aspects of your business!

We know what buyers look for & we strive to be an excellent business partner to you!

At Proud Zebra, we pride ourselves on being an excellent business partner to our wholesale customer. We get to know our clients and their needs so that we can provide them with the best possible service. You can trust we know our community well because we are active members of the LGBTQ+ community and we attend pride events to meet and receive feedback from our supporters. We also have an extensive online presence, with a website that is easy to navigate and view product detail pages. Our website is also mobile-friendly so that our customers and business partners can access it from anywhere. We strive to be the best at what we do and we aim to provide you with the best possible experience. Thanks for considering us as your business partner!

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Contact Us! We Look Forward To Speaking With You!

Whether you are looking for discounts on bulk orders or special deals on specific items, we are here to help. To learn more about our wholesale discounts and deals, please contact us via email at or this contact form. We will be happy to discuss your needs and find a way to help you save.

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Join us on our mission to shed light on our communities in need.
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