In an effort to empower our LGBTQ+ community and create a more inclusive world for our future generations, we will be doing our part by donating a portion of our profits to local charities.

As we are just starting out, we hope to continue to grow so that we can contribute more back to our communities in need.

For June 2021, we are proud to pledge $2 per order to Oogachaga (learn more about them below) for a total of 68 orders made during pride month.


Oogachaga is a community-based non-profit organisation supporting Singapore's LGBTQ+ community since 1999. They are the first and most well known LGBTQ+ counselling and support agency in Singapore.

Their list of services provided to the community include:

  • Hotline & Whatsapp Counselling

  • Email Counselling

  • Professional Counselling

  • Professional Training

  • Corporate Engagement

They also have a growing pool of educational and informational resources on their website so do check them out to learn more and support them as they are an integral part of our LGBTQ+ support system in Singapore!