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Our Brand

Proud Zebra Logo

We are a boutique brand that aims to empower our LGBTQ+ community through creating embellishments and accessories that encourage you to be proud of who you are! We believe in creating products that are classy, elegant, and meaningful.

Good design goes beyond slapping a rainbow flag on anything, & we aspire to do better than that! We absolutely love the large variety of pride flags & aim to be as inclusive as we can when designing products for our community!

When you shop with us, you are supporting a queer-owned brand that cares about the LGBTQ+ community. We donate a portion of all our profits to local charities that will be updated in our donations page


Who Are We?

Proud Zebra is a queer brand owned by Delwin & Jimmy, we are a gay couple residing in Vancouver, BC Canada with a passion for design! We absolutely love creating stuff and seeing them used across the world. It brings us joy beyond any measure to know that our products have a positive impact on other's lives. It truly motivates us when we receive messages from you, so do reach out if you've enjoyed our brand in any way! 
Gay Couple with Rainbow Outline Proud Zebra